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AILab Tools
Type: Freemium

AILabTools offers a diverse selection of image processing tools, such as AI Photo Colorize, Image Erasure, Photo to Painting, Cartoon Yourself, Change Facial Expressions, Age & Gender Swap, Face Filters, Face Blur, Retouch Portraits, Hairstyle Changer, Universal Background Remover, Head Extraction, and Image Upscaler.


  1. Photo Enhancer
    Image enhancement is the process of adjusting digital images to make the results more suitable for display or further image analysis. You can use Image Enhancer to make images sharper, colors more vibrant, contrast enhancement, and more
  2. AI Photo Colorize
    Through artificial intelligence algorithm, the content of black and white image is recognized and filled with color, so that black and white image becomes vivid.
  3. Image Erasure
    Quickly remove objects, people and text from photos with artificial intelligence algorithms. Clean up your photos and beautify them.
  4. Cartoon yourself
    Using advanced adversarial generation network technology, multi-dimensional retention of user characteristics to achieve the effect of a thousand faces; picture to cartoon generates highly cute cartoon faces with artistic aesthetics for users. Including Pixar, 3D, angel, devil, ukiyo-e, American comic, pop, Japanese comic, Chinese comic, retro comic, moe comic, hand-drawn, pencil drawing, art effects and other cartoon effects.
  5. Image Upscaler
    Based on artificial intelligence technology to upscale images to 200%-400% without loss of image quality. Applications in photo processing, e-commerce, design, etc.
  6. Retouch Portraits
    Using advanced image processing technology, it can sharpen the skin, whiten the skin tone, slim the face, adjust the facial features and remove the spots and acne with one click.
  7. Background Remove
    Through the artificial intelligence algorithm, the outline of the subject in the visual center in the image is automatically recognized, and the subject is used as the foreground to erase the background, and the segmented foreground subject image is returned.
  8. Change facial expressions
    Using advanced image processing technology, the expressions of human faces in images are edited, including laughing, pouting, unhappy and smiling.


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