Type: Freemium

I’m Auri, your AI assistant one tap away.
Built into your iOS keyboard, I can help you write faster, smarter, and mistake-free in any app, any language.


  1. Continue Writing
    If you hit writer’s block, tap the button, and I’ll write the next few sentences.
  2. Spelling and Grammar Correction
    One tap, and I’ll fix any mistakes in your writing in any language.
  3. Help Me Write
    Tap the button, tell me your topic, and I’ll write about it for you in any app, any language.
  4. Paraphrase
    I can easily paraphrase your sentences and paragraphs in various styles or even turn them into a poem!
  5. Translation
    Chatting with international friends? I can translate your messages to and from over 20 languages.
  6. Email Replies
    Select one of the styles, and I’ll draft an email response in almost any email app.

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