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All-in-one platform
Everything you need to build and manage advanced AI chatbots


  1. Chat History
    Easily review and reference previous conversations with your bots, ensuring that it has all the information it needs.
  2. Custom Datasets
    Manage and organize the data that your chat bots use to respond to user input with bespoke datasets.
  3. Custom Skillsets
    Create special abilities for your chatbot, such as the ability to generate images or fetch web pages.
  4. Document Importing
    Import PDF, DOCX, CSV and other popular file formats directly into your chatbot datasets.
  5. Media File Importing
    Import MP3, MP4, MPEG, WAV and many other media files directly into your your chatbot datasets
  6. Slack Bot Integration
    Create and deploy wide-range of Slack bot integrations with just a few click.
  7. Discord Bot Integration
    Create and deploy wide-range of Discord chat bot with just a few click.
  8. Widget Integration
    Embed ChatBotKit chatbots directly on any website using advanced customisation options and theming.
  9. Twitter Integration
    Automatically sync up any twitter feed with your data so that your chatbot is always up-to-date.
  10. Sitemap Integration
    Automatically ingest website content into a searchable knowledge base for your chatbot to reference.
  11. GPT-3.5 Support
    State-of-the-art language models to power your conversations.
  12. ChatGPT Extended
    Create your own own ChatGPT bot on variety of skills and domain-specific knowledge.
  13. Multiple AI Models
    Leverage diverse models from various AI providers to enhance performance and accuracy.
  14. Data Security
    Ensuring the security of user data, with robust measures in place to protect against unauthorized access.
  15. Focus on Privacy
    Get strong privacy controls out of the box. Privide confindence that your customers’ data is being handled responsibly.
  16. Content Moderation
    All messages are automatically scanned for abusive content and automatically flagged by the system.
  17. Semantic Search
    Your chat bot can provide more relevant and accurate responses.
  18. AI Playgrounds
    Interactive environments that provide a safe and controlled space to experiment, explore, and learn.
  19. No-Code Platform
    Easily build, customize and deploy chatbots without needing to write any code.
  20. Simple Pricing
    Our pricing is straightforward and easy to understand, with no hidden fees or surprises.
  21. App Platform
    Our platform provides capabilities for building and deploying chatbots for a wide range of applications.
  22. Extreme Customization
    Customize your chatbots’ responses and behavior based on variety of preferences.
  23. Expanding Feature Set
    We are constantly adding new features to so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest AI capabilities.

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