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Write better LinkedIn content. 10x Faster.
Build your personal brand with ease and become the thought leader in your niche with just one hour per week.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Never run out of ideas
    Ever felt this pressure while staring at your screen, wondering what you should write about?
    With ContentIn this will never happen again! Your content plan is prepared for you.And if this isn’t enough, you can always ask the AI for help.
  2. Unleash your writing superpowers
    Crafting a idea into an engaging post with a strong hook is tough work. We make it a breeze. Use one of our many battle-tested templates or simply let the AI do the job for you.
  3. Schedule posts
    No LinkedIn content tool is complete without it. Simply plan and schedule your posts in advance or post directly.
  4. Template Library
    Our ever-growing library of post templates has your back. Handcrafted from successful, viral posts by the best content writers.
  5. Find inspiration
    Never run out of ideas with automatic content-planning. If that isn’t enough, ask the AI for inspiring topics to write about.
  6. AI Writer
    For serious cases of writers block or to speed up your process we have crafter a writer AI. And yes, AI posts can go viral.
  7. Analytics (coming soon)
    Anlayze your posts performance and watch your audience grow. We can’t wait to roll this one out.
  8. Manage your ideas
    Ever had an idea for a post but no time to write it right away? Store and manage your ideas with ContentIn to write them later.
  9. Add media
    Of course you can add images and articles to your posts. We are still working on videos and slideshows.
  10. Rework posts (coming soon)
    One of your posts was super successful? Ask the AI to re-write it and never worry again about how to say the same thing 1000 ways.

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