Daft Art

Daft Art
Type: Paid

Create the album cover you’ve always dreamed of

Features and Benefits:

  1. Get your dream artwork in less than a few minutes
    Daft Art makes it super easy for you to create the cover of your dreams in less than a few minutes with the help of a simple visual editor and curated aesthetics.
  2. Create with the help of carefully curated aesthetics
    AI is powerful but it has no taste, Daft Art helps you easily find the right aesthetic that matches with vibe of your music.
  3. Customize your cover with a simple editor
    Take your cover’s design a step further by adding your album title and artist name. Play with the font, colors and style to match with the overall vibe!
  4. Ready to be uploaded to all distribution platforms
    Download your cover in high resolution (3000x3000px) and the correct aspect ratio. Ready to be uploaded to all distribution and streaming platforms.

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