Eesel AI

Eesel AI
Type: Freemium

Eesel AI is a powerful tool that integrates ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model, with your company knowledge. By connecting your knowledge base to ChatGPT, Eesel AI enables you to create an intelligent oracle capable of instantly answering any question posed to it.

With Eesel AI, you can seamlessly integrate the ChatGPT oracle into your internal Slack channels or add it as a widget on your website. This allows your team members or website visitors to access the vast knowledge stored within your organization with ease.

By combining the capabilities of ChatGPT with your company’s specific knowledge and expertise, Eesel AI empowers you to enhance communication, improve productivity, and provide instant access to information. Whether it’s troubleshooting, finding relevant documents, or seeking clarification on processes and procedures, Eesel AI can provide quick and accurate responses.

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