HereAfter AI

HereAfter AI
Type: Paid

Your stories and voice. Forever.
Preserve memories with an app that interviews you about your life. Then, let loved ones hear meaningful stories by chatting with the virtual you.

How It Works:

  1. Meet your biographer
    Sharing memories on your own can be hard. HereAfter makes it easy with a friendly, virtual interviewer and hundreds of inspiring story prompts
  2. Record precious memories
    Audio record stories about your childhood, relationships, experiences, personality, and more. We’ll securely save and organize everything for loved ones to hear, right away or years in the future.
  3. Add favorite photos
    Upload pictures to go with your stories. Family members will always be able to hear your voice explaining who’s in the picture and why the moment mattered.
  4. Say hello to the virtual you
    To learn about your life and personality, loved ones simply speak questions to the app. They’ll see your photos and hear your memories in your actual voice.

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