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Cognitive AI Assistants. A Workforce without Limits.

In the form of chatbots, Juji offers the world’s only no-code AI assistants with cognitive intelligence.

Typical Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants automate routine tasks, such as making a reservation and operating a device. To aid humans in high-touch tasks, a new generation of AI assistants are powered with cognitive intelligence—advanced human soft skills, such as active listening and reading between the lines. With such skills, cognitive AI assistants offer several distinct benefits as described below.


  1. Empathetic Automation
    Conversation Intelligence, such as active listening, enables cognitive AI assistants to automate complex human interactions empathetically and responsibly, 24×7. They scale out high-touch human services (e.g., daily employee engagement and patient followup) and relieve administrative burdens.
  2. Psychographic Insights
    Computational Psychology enables cognitive AI assistants to read between the lines, automatically inferring user psychographic insights from their conversation texts. These insights, including user personality, enable personalized guidance (e.g., student and employee retention).
  3. Authentic Connection
    With an unassuming and non-judgemental personality, cognitive AI assistants engage users in open, two-way conversations and build authentic connections with them. Such interactions provide users with psychological safety, reduce social desirability biases, and foster productive human-AI collaboration.

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