Type: Freemium

Custom Question Answering
Get trustworthy answers from a GPT based AI using information in your own documents. Upload PDFs, import webpages, and add text directly to build your library of documents.

How It Works:

  1. You Upload a Document
    Add a document to your library by selecting files from your local machine, importing a webpage’s text content, or just copy and paste text in our easy upload form.
  2. We Process the Document
    In order to efficiently retrieve information at question time, lxi.ai uses ML to process your documents into chunks of relevant information. These chunks are then securely stored in a format that makes it easy to find relevant information for your future questions.
  3. You Ask a Question
    When you ask a question lxi retrieves relevant paragraphs of infomation from your library. This data is then condensed into a concise and factual (w.r.t your library) answer with the help of OpenAI’s GPT model.

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