Canva has been revolutionizing the field of design, and its latest release of AI-powered tools is no exception. These new Canva AI tools make designing, editing, translating, and animating content easier than ever before. Here are ten of the most amazing new Canva AI tools:

1. Magic Design

This tool makes creating unique designs easy. It offers a range of styles and adjustable features like color changes, font switching, and more, to help you craft the perfect design that fits your brand’s visual identity.

2. Magic Edit

A powerful AI-powered photo editor that allows users to make modifications to their photos with ease. Users can change out the background, add people, remove objects, and more, with just a few clicks.

3. Translate

Canva Translate supports over 100 languages, enabling users to translate content with a single click, right from within their designs. You can also customize your translations and adjust the accuracy level of the translation for better accuracy.

4. Beat Sync

This tool automatically synchronizes your audio and video to the same duration, so you don’t have to worry about manual editing. With multiple options for beat markers and tempos, you can sync up your audio and video at the click of a button.

5. Draw

Canva Draw is an AI-powered freehand drawing tool that allows you to draw, annotate, and underline text and objects in your images. Shape Assist is Canva’s AI drawing assistant that offers a helping hand to refine your sketches.

6. Magic Eraser

A powerful tool that allows users to easily remove unwanted elements from photos with just a few clicks. It comes with a range of adjustable settings, including brush size and strength, to get the exact result you’re looking for.

7. Animation

Canva Animation allows users to create and share animated stories. With Canva Animation, you can make objects move in any direction, speed up or slow down, or even make them rotate. You also have access to hundreds of audio and video assets, as well as pre-made animation templates.

8. Magic Write

Canva Magic Write is an AI writing assistant that generates blog outlines, social captions, content ideas, and more. Use Magic Write to get inspiration and overcome writer’s block.

9. Styles and Layouts

Canva Styles and Layouts provide a quick and easy way to create attractive designs. With the Styles feature, you can pick from suggested color palettes and font pairings that match your content. Layouts provide quick and easy options for creating attractive designs with pre-designed layouts.

10. Magic Presentation

An innovative tool for creating effective and professional presentations, Magic Presentation allows you to quickly generate a first draft of your presentation with an outline, slides, and content. It also offers powerful features to help users customize their presentations with fonts, colors, images, graphics, and more.

These ten new Canva AI tools are game-changers in the field of design. They take the guesswork out of design and make it easier for users to create unique and professional-looking content. With their user-friendly interfaces and powerful features, these tools are sure to become essential for designers, marketers, educators, and anyone else looking to create stunning visuals. So, if you’re looking to elevate your design game, give these amazing new Canva AI tools a try.


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