Elon Musk has discreetly begun a fresh artificial intelligence (AI) venture, X.AI, which will rival OpenAI. X.AI was incorporated in Nevada last month, with Musk as the company’s sole director and Jared Birchall, a close associate and director of Musk’s family office, serving as secretary.

In a separate report, the Financial Times disclosed Musk’s plans to establish a new AI enterprise. According to the report, Musk is in the process of forming a team of AI specialists and engineers, with recruitment efforts targeting employees from major AI organizations like Alphabet’s DeepMind. The Financial Times also noted that Musk has approached several investors from SpaceX and Tesla to support his new AI initiative. An individual with direct knowledge of the discussions shared, “A bunch of people are investing in it … it’s real and they’re excited about it.”

Musk’s latest endeavor comes amid his concerns about the potential risks associated with artificial intelligence and the importance of regulation and oversight. Musk co-founded OpenAI in 2015, aiming to develop AI technologies that would benefit humanity without causing harm or being swayed by corporate or political agendas.


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