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NVIDIA AI Assistant


  • Harness the Power of AI
    Create uncomplicated outlines and figures using a selection of tangible elements such as clouds or grass, and observe as our groundbreaking AI model instantaneously generates stunning visual outputs. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, switch out a material like snow for grass and experience a complete transformation from a winter wonderland to a sunny oasis. With infinite creative possibilities, the opportunities are limitless.
  • Pick Your Palette
    With NVIDIA Canvas, you have the flexibility to tailor your image precisely to your liking. You can tweak the appearance of your artwork using a total of nine styles in Standard Mode and eight styles in Panorama Mode, along with various materials such as sky, mountains, river, and stone. Additionally, you can paint on separate layers to maintain the distinction between elements. Whether you wish to begin with a blank canvas or draw inspiration from the provided sample scenes, the choice is entirely yours.
  • 360° of Inspiration
    Canvas now enables artists to generate immersive 360° panoramas, which can be effortlessly transferred to any 3D application as equirectangular environment maps. These maps can be utilized to modify the ambient lighting of a 3D scene and incorporate reflections, resulting in a more lifelike environment. This new feature provides artists with a straightforward method of creating wraparound environments for enhanced realism.
  • Workflow Ready
    After perfecting your desired image, Canvas enables you to import your artwork into Adobe Photoshop, where you can further refine it or merge it with other artworks seamlessly. Moreover, with the Panorama feature, you can import images into various 3D applications like NVIDIA Omniverse™ USD Composer (previously known as Create), Blender, and many others. This feature provides you with more flexibility in using your artwork across different platforms.

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