Type: Freemium

Acoust is an advanced online Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool that harnesses the cutting-edge capabilities of AI to produce remarkably natural-sounding speech. This versatile platform has a wide range of applications, including generating voice-overs, transforming text into lifelike audio, and creating engaging audio content. With support for over 30 languages and an extensive library of more than 100 natural-sounding voices, Acoust offers users a diverse selection to suit their specific needs.

One of Acoust’s notable features is its AI assistant, which streamlines the TTS process and enhances productivity. Additionally, the platform provides tools for video creation, making it an excellent choice for content creators and businesses looking to add voice to their multimedia projects. With the inclusion of an AI prompt and TTS booster, Acoust ensures that users have access to all the resources necessary to create high-quality audio content effortlessly.

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