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Modern Business Runs on AI
Grow your business with data-driven decisions.
Go from data to AI in 10 minutes — no code or data science skills required.


  1. Transform Any Table Using Plain English
    Combine columns, summarize records, translate languages, convert formats, and perform complex calculations – just ask.
  2. Built for Operators
    Make every part of growth operations more efficient. Scale faster by using your existing data to predict key business outcomes. Here are some ways you can leverage the power of AI.
  3. Turn your data into predictive models
    Data in, Future out. Start with historic data, train a custom machine learning model, and use it to make smarter real-time decisions.
  4. Share it instantly
    Share your predictions with your team instantly with a link. Also works on your phone.
  5. Power up your app
    The easiest way to add AI to any application. Integrations available for the most popular languages and platforms.

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