Type: Freemium

Instant endpoints for webhooks, bots and APIs
Build and host Node.js endpoints in seconds. Connect to your favorite APIs like Airtable, Discord, Notion, Slack, Webflow and more.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Stop worrying about webhooks
    Projects built on Autocode are a collection of serverless Node.js functions that we host as endpoints for you. We have built-in event handling for a number of services like Discord, Slack, Stripe, Shopify and Webflow to automatically sign, route and validate webhooks — you just write the logic.
  2. Edit and collaborate in the browser
    Our toolkit combines the fastest serverless hosting available with an in-browser IDE, an API library that’s easy to use, and seamlessly managed authentication to your favorite apps.
  3. Integrate with an extensible library of APIs
    Connect multiple third-party credentials to a single identity token. Access any API with a single line of code via autocomplete in our IDE.
  4. Work in the browser or develop locally
    Our command line tools allow you to develop with Autocode using whatever local environment setup you prefer

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