Confident AI

Confident AI
Type: Freemium

Confident AI stands as a pivotal evaluation infrastructure for Language Model (LLM) deployments, providing companies of all sizes a solid foundation to substantiate their LLM’s readiness for production. The platform, open-source and user-friendly, offers a generous free tier, enabling a hassle-free start in under ten lines of code. With a notable 2.4x reduction in time to production, users no longer grapple with fixing breaking changes, supported by a diverse range of over 12 metrics available for integration. Having completed over 17,000 evaluations through Python-based test cases, users benefit from a sense of assurance, achieving peace of mind as their LLM operates as intended. Centralized and comprehensive, Confident AI empowers users to assess, refine, and confidently deploy LLM solutions, ensuring their efficacy while addressing any underlying weaknesses in implementation.




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