Type: Freemium

HeyLibby is a powerful tool designed to streamline and automate lead qualification and scheduling processes for businesses. It introduces users to a virtual assistant named Libby, who engages with leads, qualifies them, and efficiently schedules appointments on the user’s calendar. The tool’s customization options allow users to align Libby’s appearance and conversation style with their brand, and it can be effortlessly embedded on websites or shared through personalized links.

With HeyLibby, users can effortlessly collect essential information from customers, and once leads meet specific criteria, they can conveniently book meetings directly on the user’s calendar. The platform also offers robust lead management capabilities, including email and text notifications for new leads, access to lead summaries, and centralized lead management, streamlining the entire process.

HeyLibby further enhances lead management by enabling users to search, sort, and add notes for effective lead organization. Its seamless integration with various existing tools, including Google Sheets, Salesforce, and HoneyBook, ensures that users can effortlessly transfer leads to their preferred CRM or lead handling process. Moreover, HeyLibby prioritizes privacy, providing users with consent options and detailed information about data access and storage.

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