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Holly is a cutting-edge AI-powered Virtual Recruiter that offers the expertise and capabilities of a talent acquisition team at a fraction of the cost. With Holly, you have a virtual assistant that is always available and continuously learning to streamline your recruitment process.

To begin, simply provide Holly with your job description and answer her questions. Based on this information, she will create a highly curated list of candidates that align with your requirements. Once you approve the candidates, Holly takes charge by reaching out to them on your behalf.

With the convenient Chrome Extension, Holly engages with candidates, guiding them through the process and assisting them in scheduling interviews with you. She handles candidate inquiries and provides answers just as you would, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication flow.

Holly is designed to learn from your feedback. By providing insights on the candidates she presents and vets, she continuously improves her candidate outreach. This means that future candidates will be even better matched to your needs, enhancing the overall quality of your recruitment pool.

Experience the power of Holly, the AI-powered Virtual Recruiter that offers personalized and cost-effective talent acquisition solutions. Let Holly handle the heavy lifting while you focus on making informed hiring decisions.

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