Llama 2 by Meta

Llama 2 by Meta
Type: Freemium

Unlock the power of open-source AI with Llama 2 from Meta – now freely available for research and commercial applications. This next-gen language model features pretrained variants from 7B to 70B parameters trained on 2 trillion tokens, plus fine-tuned versions leveraging 1M+ human annotations. Llama 2 demonstrates state-of-the-art performance on reasoning, coding, knowledge, and proficiency benchmarks. Pretraining utilizes public online data, while fine-tuning taps instructional datasets and annotations. Meta actively collaborates with partners to foster responsible AI innovation through resources like the Responsible Use Guide, safety red-teaming, academic partnerships, and their Generative AI Community Forum. Users worldwide can access Llama 2 by completing a download form, supporting Meta’s vision of an open, collaborative ecosystem driving breakthroughs. With formidable capabilities and Meta’s commitment to community involvement, Llama 2 represents the forefront of accessible, ethical open-source AI.


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