Miro AI

Miro AI
Type: Paid

Miro AI. You and your team, supercharged.
You’re here to create the next big thing and we’re here to help. Unlock the power of your ideas with Miro AI – your new launchpad for creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Expand your thinking
    Generate expansive, multi-branch mind maps automatically with mind map Idea Generation.
  2. Sum it all up, instantly
    Condense lots of stickies into one with Summarize Sticky Notes
  3. Turn words into code
    Create code by simply writing text
  4. Visualize your words
    Create images from text using Image Generation.
  5. Generate user stories from ideas
    Break down big feature ideas into user stories instead of writing from scratch.
  6. Much more to come!
    We’ll keep enriching Miro AI with more features as we go. Stay tuned.

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