Type: Freemium

NeuralBox is a cutting-edge AI-powered solution designed to seamlessly capture and organize a wealth of information, allowing individuals to curate and store an array of intriguing or valuable items. From receipts and screenshots to documents, clothing, and product packaging, NeuralBox offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline your organizational journey.

This innovative tool boasts a host of functionalities, including a quick-add lock screen widget for swift inputs, automated import of screenshots, and the convenience of AI-driven image search. Its OCR text search capabilities further empower users to quickly retrieve relevant information. A standout feature is the AI image similarity browsing, aiding effortless exploration of related images. Additionally, NeuralBox offers a document scanning mode for enhanced versatility.

Striving for efficient storage solutions, NeuralBox offers a blend of on-device and cloud storage options, ensuring that users can house a vast collection of images without worrying about space limitations. With NeuralBox as your organizational ally, you can confidently and effortlessly manage your digital content, ensuring that nothing valuable or inspiring slips through the cracks

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