Stable Diffusion WebGPU

Stable Diffusion WebGPU
Type: Freemium

Harness state-of-the-art AI image generation in your browser with the Stable Diffusion WebGPU demo. Built using create-react-app, this web application allows users to generate images in around 1 minute per step by leveraging WebGPU for high performance. Run the demo in the latest Chrome with JavaScript and experimental flags enabled for the best experience. The UNET model runs on CPU for optimal results, while the user-friendly interface lets you load models, initiate image generation, and view outputs with ease. Adjust steps to produce higher quality images based on recommendations. Troubleshooting guidance is available through the FAQ. While promising, limitations exist like lack of multi-threading and incomplete GPU operations which impact speed. The open-source code on GitHub allows local use and integration of large language models via proposed spec changes. Overall, the Stable Diffusion WebGPU demo unlocks robust AI image generation within reach of any modern browser. Experience the future of on-device deep learning, today.


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