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Tabula serves as a unified platform for business and data teams, facilitating the journey from raw data to valuable business insights without the need for coding. Designed for business teams, Tabula is the sole tool required to initiate data-driven decision-making without unexpected costs. The platform enables the unification of marketing, sales, and product data, offering real business insights effortlessly. Tabula empowers every team member to access and analyze data, answering ad-hoc questions and identifying opportunities through visual reports. For data teams, Tabula combines the power of no-code and SQL, allowing a focus on business logic over coding. The platform leverages the scalability of the cloud by pushing compute down to the warehouse. Additionally, Tabula integrates AI to clean, format, or normalize data, providing natural language capabilities for creating complex transforms. With a visual interface, teams can orchestrate, automate, and manage data pipelines seamlessly.


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