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Unleash your creativity with TextToSample by Samplab – the free tool utilizing generative AI to convert text into unique audio samples. Input text prompts or audio files and TextToSample’s advanced models produce customized sounds for your productions. Enjoy features like note editing, chord detection, stem separation, and converting audio to MIDI – all powered by AI. As a standalone app or VST3 plugin, it fits seamlessly into your workflow. TextToSample runs locally on your computer for stable performance without needing internet. The free version lets you explore full capabilities without upfront costs. Licensing details and dataset information are not disclosed. Operating system and hardware requirements are also unspecified, as well as VST2 support. In sum, TextToSample puts the power of AI into music makers’ hands. Easily generate tailored, production-ready sounds from text and audio with its specialized AI models. Whether you’re a sound designer, producer or composer, this innovative tool expands your creative horizons. Let your imagination run free with TextToSample.


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