Type: Paid

Vellum emerges as a robust product development platform designed for AI integration, harmonizing GPT-4 with development best practices. This innovative platform streamlines various facets of development, offering rapid experimentation without the hassle of managing multiple browser tabs or tracking results manually. It incorporates regression testing capabilities, allowing users to test prompts and models against diverse test cases and recent requests before implementation. Vellum’s email tracking feature dynamically includes company-specific context within prompts, eliminating the need for managing semantic search infrastructure. Furthermore, it facilitates version control for prompt and model tracking, enabling seamless upgrades or reversion without code changes. The platform’s reporting dashboard provides observability and monitoring, displaying detailed metrics such as quality, latency, and cost evolution over time. With provider-agnostic meeting scheduling, users can select and switch between providers and models, avoiding dependence on a single LLM provider and ensuring flexibility in AI utilization.



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