Introducing a Massive Dataset of 800K+ Annotated 3D Objects to Unlock New AI Applications and Research Opportunities

As advancements in artificial intelligence continue to surge forward, driven by massive data corpora like WebText, Wikipedia, Conceptual Captions, WebImageText, and LAION, an untapped potential lies in the realm of 3D data. The current landscape of 3D model datasets remains confined to mid-sized collections with limited object category diversity. Objaverse 1.0 emerges as a game-changer, boasting a staggering 800K+ (and growing) 3D models accompanied by descriptive captions, tags, and animations.

Objaverse’s scale, number of categories, and visual diversity within each category outshine existing 3D repositories. With an abundance of applications in generative 3D models, tail category segmentation for the LVIS benchmark, open-vocabulary object-navigation models in Embodied AI, and a new benchmark for robustness analysis of vision models, Objaverse is poised to revolutionize the AI landscape.

Each 3D object in the dataset is enriched with a text name, description, tags, and additional metadata. Objaverse’s visual diversity encompasses animated objects, rigged characters, models separatable into parts, exterior and interior environments, and a wide range of visual styles. Compared to ShapeNet, Objaverse showcases superior visual variety, and with a scale that is an order of magnitude larger than its predecessors, Objaverse holds immense potential for AI applications.

Notably, Objaverse includes over 44K animated 3D objects, enhancing the dataset’s versatility and usefulness. As a testament to its potential, Objaverse has already been utilized for generating 3D models, augmenting 2D instance segmentation, advancing open vocabulary embodied AI, and studying CLIP robustness. The future is bright, and Objaverse promises to inspire creativity and innovation within the AI community.

Objaverse 1.0 is a groundbreaking dataset that offers a universe of annotated 3D objects, taking AI research and applications to new heights. The sheer scale and diversity of Objaverse stand as a testament to its potential impact on AI development. As the community explores the myriad possibilities that Objaverse enables, we eagerly anticipate the new directions, research, and applications that will emerge in the field of AI.


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