Type: Paid

Easily build a ChatGPT-powered bot for your app or website

Add a ChatGPT-powered bot to your app or website in just 5 minutes with MeyaGPT. No coding or training needed. Connect to multiple data sources and integrate with popular customer service platforms. It’s highly customizable and developer-friendly.


  1. Backed by ChatGPT: uses the latest gpt-3.5-turbo Large Language Model (LLM) from OpenAI
  2. Launch your bot in minutes: No coding or training required. Just crawl your website.
  3. Multiple datasources: submit your sitemap, crawl your website or manually add text.
  4. Web and mobile chat: drop a chat interface into your existing web or mobile app
  5. Human in the loop: integrates into popular customer service platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce
  6. Messaging: connect to messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS
  7. Flexible: Meya is developer-friendly a rich bot framework extensible with BFML and Python

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