Snapchat is releasing an AI chatbot named “My AI” powered by OpenAI’s latest version of ChatGPT. The chatbot will initially be available to Snapchat Plus subscribers and is set to become available to all of Snapchat’s 750 million monthly users eventually. The chatbot is designed to be more of a friend than a search engine, and Snap CEO Evan Spiegel believes AI chatbots will become a part of everyday life.

While larger players like Google and Meta have refrained from releasing competing products, Snap’s My AI is different. It has a large and young user base, and its business is struggling. The chatbot could help Snap boost its paid subscriber numbers in the short term and could open up new ways to make money in the long term. The chatbot is the beginning of what Spiegel sees as a significant investment area for Snap, and the company will use the data gathered from the chatbot to inform its broader AI efforts.

The introduction of Snapchat’s new chatbot, “My AI,” powered by ChatGPT is an exciting move that showcases the company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve. While a subscription-based model may seem daunting at first, it’s important to note that Snapchat’s younger demographic is more willing to pay for services they deem valuable. And with the rise of chatbots in everyday life, it’s clear that My AI has the potential to become an essential tool for users.

Although the chatbot’s answers are restricted as it adheres to the company’s safety guidelines, this could be seen as a positive aspect for parents and educators who are concerned about inappropriate content.

The fact that Snap’s employees have trained the bot to adhere to the company’s trust and safety guidelines means that users can feel confident using the chatbot without worrying about receiving inappropriate responses.

Furthermore, Snapchat’s approach to the chatbot as a persona rather than a search engine could set it apart from competitors. This design suggests that the chatbot is meant to be seen as another friend inside of Snapchat, rather than just a search engine.

Although competitors like Google and Meta may enter the market with more versatile chatbots, Snapchat’s initial launch and use of ChatGPT already places it ahead of the game. It’s clear that Snapchat is investing in the future, with plans to incorporate LLMs from other vendors besides OpenAI over time and use the data gathered from the chatbot to inform its broader AI efforts. All in all, the introduction of My AI is an exciting step forward for Snapchat and the future of chatbots.


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